Letter from William Fox to Mary Fox
November 04 1861

Transcribed by Erica Altschul, December 2008

[Envelope: Mrs. Mary Smith,
Alden, Erie, Co.,
New York]

Camp Rogers
[Nove?] the 4 1861

Dear Sister

I half not for got you yet I thaut that I would not Write again untill I received a [new?] from you this fore noon we wer out on disbrade & so this after noon James & I we did not go out with the rest & James wanted to write home & so I thought I would Write a few lines with him you must not expext I can Write every day & not receve no answer This Makes 7 letters I half Writtin Cence I half bin hyear and half receved no answer yet I think now I shell begen to stop untill I receive answers half you had a Letter from Frank yet

Write all the goot news

Round is the ring that has no end so is Love to you my Friend Mary

From William Fox To Mary Fox Write soon All.