Letter from William Fox to Mary Fox
November 10 1861

Transcribed by Erica Altschul, December 2008

[Envelope: Mrs. Mary Smith,
Alden, Erie Co.
New York]

Camp Rogers [ver?]
[Nove?] the 10

Dear Sister

I received your letter & was glad to hyear from you yesterday it Reigned to day it is very plesent Lyman Stilson & George [Muns?] & [Shasby?] Walker Wer hyear to daay you wanted to know how we tented the Rese Boys & James & Reube Schofield air in one tent to Gerry boys & Kingmon & Stone in a nother Fuller he tents out the other side of the streats I tent at the side of the Gerry boys thre felows from buffalo I tent with I half not bin home sick yet We half tents just as you see in Buffalo we half straw to sleep on Their is one thing lacking now that is a pair of boots for winter we riceived our pey last friday from the time we inlisted till the first of november we shell receve Pay again the first of January for to monts I received 4 dollars & 76 cents I half not got money enough to by me a pair boots hyear every thing is very [by?] hyear Mary if you think you will half chance to scent me a pair I will scent you 2 & one half dolars if you can pay for the rest mabe you can get trusted untill January then I will scent you money if you get the boots half Jake yunker make them large & [to?] kip if you to so Write & I will scent the money Ancer this for I Want to hyear from you I Guess you think my Wants air very plenty all at once James Is well & sed that it Was not for im to Write untill he received an ancer from his folks

My love to all From

Wm Fox To Mary Fox