Letter from Fred D. Morgan (no relation) to Mrs. George Bagnall
April 20 1920

Transcribed by Erica Altschul, July 2008

Dear Mrs Bagnall--

This evening, in the heat of an argument, I said something which I keenly regret, something I regret, not only because it is not the truth, but because it is not what I believe. The world seems to be making somewhat of a cynic out of me and I forget sometimes that there are some people who are all that they appear to be and could not possibly be covered by my statement of tonight.

If you could realize the respect and regard in which I hold the friendship of yourself and Mr. Bagnall as well as that of Rosalind, you would also realize that I could not intentionally say or think of anything so utterly foreign to that regard as was my much regretted statement of tonight.

Please forgive me as an unthinking, impetuous boy who knows a worthwhile friend when he finds one but who is badly worried now for fear of losing the most sincere, the kindest, the best one of them all.

Honestly, hopefully, and sincerely yours,
Fred D. Morgan