Transcribed documents and correspondence

Any words that are illegible or that I can not decipher are indicated by a question mark in brackets [?], sometimes with a "best guess" included. Assistance in figuring out those mystery words are welcome :-)

Some of the letters (particularly Mary Fox's brother's) have appalling spelling. In most cases I have left it as is, but for the particularly bad ones, I've included a "modern English" version for simplified reading.

  1. November 04 1861: Letter from William Fox to Mary Fox (Civil War)
  2. November 10 1861: Letter from William Fox to Mary Fox (Civil War)
  3. February 04 1866: Letter from Henry D. Smith to Andrew J. Smith
  4. March 17 1913: Letter from Cousin Louise to Mrs. George Bagnall
  5. April 20 1920: Letter from Fred D. Morgan (no relation) to Mrs. George Bagnall
  6. October/December 1934: Minutes from The Clock Club, which investigated Benjamin Bagnall clocks
  7. Date Unknown: Genealogy Notes from Sarah G. Bagnall to Rosalind (Bagnall) Jackson
  8. Date Unknown: Notes by Sarah G. Bagnall regarding Benjamin Bagnall Sr. property purchases
  9. Date Unknown: Bagnall Genealogical Record for DAR or SAR

Newspaper Articles

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